Public Health England supports Stop Superbugs by providing invaluable advice on impact evaluation

20th January 2021

For small, community projects, effective impact evaluation can be vital to ensure a project is meeting its goals, as well as helping to secure funding so that they can develop and grow. With this in mind, experts from Public Health England’s (PHE) e-Bug team recently volunteered their time to help support Stop Superbugs…  

The Roll-back Antimicrobial (RBA) Initiative, our partner project in Tanzania, currently works in three school, helping educate around 120 children about superbugs and empowering them to bring that knowledge back to their families and communities. They have big plans to expand and hope to soon work with more children across the country, particularly those in difficult to reach rural areas. However, before they can do this, they need to make sure the project is effective.

To help them with this goal, Stop Superbugs helped broker a meeting between RBA Initiative and evaluation experts from PHE’s e-Bug team, who generously volunteered their time to offer guidance and support with impact evaluation, as well as signposting free resources to help them analyse their results and disseminate their findings.

The meeting was a great experience for all involved, with RBA Initiative confident their evaluation is now on the right track. It also highlights how volunteering just half an hour of your time can make a huge difference to colleagues around the world. You might even make a friend or two along the way! Stop Superbugs is delighted to be able to connect two parties working in different continents who are trying to achieve the same goal – stopping superbugs and creating a safer, healthier world for us all.

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