Superbugs are a global emergency

It's time to respond

Superbugs – drug-resistant microbes that cause infections that are difficult, and sometimes impossible to treat – are a serious problem. Every year, they kill at least 1.5 million people around the world. And they're getting worse. The good news is, we can stop them. By supporting local projects, we can make a difference on a global scale. Read on to find out more...

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Supporting Communities

We know that good work to stop superbugs is already happening all around the world. Practical, local projects driven by passionate volunteers are helping educate people about the responsible use of antibiotics, providing better access to genuine medicine,  tackling environmental pollution and much more. Many of these projects are also taking place in the poorest communities and, as a result, they need support in order to thrive. By raising funds for specific resources and connecting them with practical support, Stop Superbugs aims to help these projects to succeed and grow. But that’s not all…

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Sharing their stories with the world!

In addition to giving projects a much-needed boost, Stop Superbugs provides an opportunity to tell stories that all too often go unheard; not only people whose lives have been destroyed by superbugs, but also those who, through their hard work and dedication, are striving to make the world a safer place for everyone. In time, we hope to create a global network of projects and supporters, so that they can share their time, experience, skills, stories and passion. Be sure to sign up below so you can find out how to get involved!

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