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People sometimes talk about superbugs being a ‘silent pandemic’, but antimicrobial resistance is far from silent. In 2019 alone, superbugs were associated with nearly 5 million deaths – more than HIV/Aids or malaria. Stop Superbugs aims to make a practical difference to this global health crisis in two ways: by supporting our Stop Superbugs Network and through our free online Changemakers course, launching in 2023.

The Stop Superbug Network

According to the latest research, superbugs are responsible for more deaths in sub-Saharan Africa than anywhere else.

The Stop Superbugs Network is a growing collective of projects across sub-Saharan Africa which aims to address this trend. While each project is slightly different, they all aim to provide the knowledge, skills and tools needed to help stop superbugs in their local community.

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JAN '21

RBA Initiative

Our first project! We begin working with the RBA Initiative, who educate school children about superbugs in the Dodoma Region, Tanzania

FEB '21


We launched our school-in-a-box scheme, raising funds to provide laptops, printers and other resources needed to teach children about superbugs

APR '21

Superheroes against Superbugs

Started working with Superheroes Against Superbugs, an inspirational project educating young people in Hyderabad, India.

SEP '21


Helped fund three paid members of staff to help them take their project to the next level.

MAY '22

Tippy Taps Kenya

We partnered with Tippy Tap Kenya, who build handwashing facilities from basic, affordable materials in rural Kenya

The Changemaker Course - Coming Soon!

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