Stop Superbugs partner shows big benefit of education for the whole community

Antibiotics can be purchased widely without prescription, and there’s low awareness of the issue among the public

Superbugs are a huge problem in Tanzania. To tackle this, the Roll Back Antimicrobial Resistance (RBA) Initiative runs ‘AMR School Clubs’, offering fun, free, creative lessons to children, teaching them about superbugs, and the responsible use of medicine.

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But it’s not just the children who benefit from this education

Part of the beauty of the RBA-Initiative’s work is that they’re encouraged to bring the message about superbugs back to their families and communities, helping to make Tanzania safer for all.

Following BSAC’s donation of camera equipment, the RBA-Initiative has been busy recording the impact of their project on the whole community. As this video demonstrates, parents now have a better understanding of both the process by which some bugs become resistant to drugs, as well as understanding how and why antibiotics need to be used responsibly:

“Through the training that [my son] is receiving from their club and the knowledge he is bringing back home, he has reminded us and made us all in the family not to practice self-medication.”

The AMR School Clubs have been such a hit, that the RBA-Initiative is now looking to expand the project, so they can reach even more children. To do this, though, they desperately need resources. That’s why Stop Superbugs is currently raising funds for six ‘schools-in-a-box’, providing them with everything they need to set up new clubs. If you’d like to lend them a hand, then please visit the project page to find out how you can get involved.

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