Donation helps to fund superbug educators in India

Following a generous donation Superheroes against Superbugs is recruiting for three new educators, who will help to develop creative tools, methods and approaches.

Great news! Following a generous donation through the Terry Hennessey Microbiology Fellowship (THMF), Superheroes against Superbugs is recruiting for three new educators, who will help to develop creative tools, methods and approaches to engage school-going children and the public in India about antibiotic resistance.

Superheroes against Superbugs is a volunteer-led project operating across different Indian cities, dedicated to empowering young people with information and educating them about superbugs through their hands-on, creative workshops, to build a healthier future. When we began working with them earlier this year, they were hoping to employ a single, paid member of staff to expand the project and reach more children. However, thanks to THMF’s trustees, they are now in a position to provide three ‘fellows’, who will support their life-changing work.

The THMF, which was set up to honour the life of renowned microbiologist, Terry Hennessey, has traditionally supported the scientific community by providing travel grants to young investigators working in the field of infectious diseases. However, with international travel disrupted by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, its trustees opted to support this grassroots project in India, for the time being, instead.

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Superheroes Against Superbugs core team of Dr Ponnari Gottipati, Dr Sarah Iqbal and Dr Somdatta Karak said the donation would make a huge difference.

“Superbugs are a big problem in India, with drug-resistant infections killing more people here than anywhere else in the world. Despite this, public awareness about these infections and its drivers is very poor. This donation will be transformative for Superheroes against Superbugs, helping us reach more young people around the country, and helping to contribute to a safer, healthier world for us all”, they said.

To find out more about the fellowships, visit the Superheroes against Superbugs website.

If you’d like to discuss how your organisation can support a Stop Superbugs project, please drop Liam a line at: with the subject line ‘Offer of support’

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