Dame Sally Davies, UK Special Envoy on Antimicrobial Resistance, praises work of Erick Venant, leader of Stop Superbugs’ partner project, the RBA-Initiative

21st June 2021

For many years now, Erick Venant has been dedicated to raising awareness about the growing threat of superbugs. As a young pharmacist in Tanzania, he founded the Roll Back Antimicrobial Resistance Initiative (RBA-Initiative), whose AMR School Clubs have been championed by Stop Superbugs as a brilliant example of a community project that’s helping to make a real difference, teaching hundreds of young people about superbugs and the steps they can take to keep themselves and others safe.

One of the major inspirations for Erick’s work is former Chief Medical Officer for England and UK Special Envoy on Antimicrobial Resistance, Dame Sally Davies, who Erick admires for her tireless work in “putting the AMR agenda on a global level.” Today, Stop Superbugs were delighted to be able to facilitate a meeting between the two.

During the video call, Erick explained the work that he is doing in Tanzania and Dame Sally praised the project, noting that: “We need to more young people engaged in the subject of AMR. Just like climate change, when science and youth are aligned, we begin to see real change.”

Dame Sally also had positive comments for Erick himself: “Thank you, Erick, for what you’re doing for the world and, in particular, the children of Tanzania… you’re doing a fantastic job.”

Needless to say, it was a genuinely inspiring meeting for all involved, and Stop Superbugs were pleased to see  recognition of both Erick’s work, and of the power community projects like this have to help affect meaningful change and tackle superbugs at a local level.

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