Give the gift of clean water in rural Kenya

Clean water and proper handwashing facilities are vital to stop the spread of infection. Yet 75% of people in Kenya don’t have access to water and soap in their homes. Tippy Tap Kenya is a transformational project by ReAct Africa and Ace Africa which seeks to provide access to clean water and handwashing facilities in rural, remote areas...
They hope to build handwashing facilities for 600 families in the rural counties of Kisumu and Siaya. But they need your help.

Nowhere to wash

Of the many lessons the COVID pandemic has taught us, perhaps the most obvious is that handwashing helps prevent infection and saves lives.

But imagine living in a home where you can’t wash your hands.

For the majority of people living in Kenya, this is the reality. And the problem is getting worse: Access to basic sanitation has fallen by 5% in Kenya since 2000. Now only a quarter of the population currently have access to clean water and soap at home.

Inevitably, these conditions lead to disease, which leads to increased antibiotic use, which creates superbugs, which leads to more disease…

It’s a vicious cycle. But there is hope…

Nowhere to wash

Poor sanitation & hygiene practices are the second leading contributor to all deaths in Kenya. But we can change that...

Photo: Dennis Alioni / World Bank

A sustainable solution

Assisted by a team of Community Health Volunteers and teachers in the two counties, Tippy Tap Kenya work with children to build handwashing facilities from basic, affordable materials, providing not just the taps and soap, but the knowledge to build them – so they can pass on their skills to others.

They also assist communities by establishing 10,000-litre water tanks from which they can fetch clean water to refill the tippy taps.

Finally, Tippy Tap Kenya help to educate communities about the importance of handwashing, teaching them how they can reduce the spread of infection – be that superbugs or COVID-19. Assisted by a team of Community Health Volunteers and teachers, they provide a fun learning experience, helping to spread awareness, rather than superbugs, throughout the whole community!

Changing lives... One tap at a time!

To provide handwashing facilities and education is surprisingly affordable.

Just £7 – less than $10USD – can help provide an entire household with everything they need to protect themselves, including installation, soap, transport of materials and associated education.

Your donation – the cost of a couple of coffees a month – can make a real difference to some of the most vulnerable communities in the world, and give children like Colleta a brighter future.

Can you help give the gift of clean water to a family in Kenya?

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