School-in-a-box: it’s in our hands to help

Research shows that one of the most effective ways to stop superbugs in low- and middle-income countries is through education.

That’s why we’ve launched School-in-a-box – a way to lend a hand to existing projects who are doing great work… but are desperately lacking resources.

Our first box: Educating children in Tanzania

Our partner the Roll Back Antimicrobial Resistance Initiative already run three hugely successful ‘AMR clubs’ in schools in the Dodoma Region of Tanzania. Now they want to open more, to reach more children over a wider area.

To do this, though, they need more resources. Nothing fancy – they just need the sort of kit many of us take for granted: a laptop, projector, printer, and stationery. Basic, but transformative tools that’ll fit inside a big carboard box.

Just 6 of these boxes will allow them to open many more clubs, and reach hundreds more children.

We’re looking for a minimum of 6 teams to each raise the £1k needed to pay for a school-in-a-box – which will contain all the kit needed to set up new clubs.

Your donations and fundraising contributions will be used to help this project and all of the other projects that benefit from working with the Stop Superbugs initiative. The money will also help to cover the cost of coordinating the initiative – all with the ultimate aim of providing more practical support to community-focused projects across the world, helping to reduce deaths from drug resistant infections and improving the health of nations.

We’re excited to be stopping superbugs in their tracks one box at a time!

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