Educating the next generation in Tanzania

The Roll Back Antimicrobials (RBA) Initiative run school clubs in the Dodoma region of Tanzania, educating children about superbugs. They have big plans for the future and, with your help, they hope to reach even more children...

'Rolling Back' Antimicrobial use in Tanzania

Superbugs are a major problem in Tanzania. There are high levels of inappropriate use of antimicrobial medicine in both human and agricultural sectors and a very low awareness of the issue among public, professionals and policy makers. Antibiotics can be purchased widely without prescription, and regulation of community pharmacies is difficult and poorly resourced.

Several studies show levels of resistance are soaring.

But there is hope.

Young Tanzanian pharmacist, Erick Venant, is the founder of the non-governmental organisation RBA Initiative, which runs ‘AMR School Clubs’ in the Dodoma region of Tanzania. These clubs aim to educate children about superbugs through a set of fun and creative activities so they can bring the message back to their families and communities.


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What We Need

There are currently three of these school clubs, all in the Dodoma region of Tanzania, but with your help and support, they hope to reach even more children across the country, by rolling out the AMR School Club programme to more schools across a wider geographical area in Tanzania, first to more districts in Dodoma region and later to more regions across the country.

In addition to practical support with organisation, IT and evaluation, Erick and his team are hoping to secure the following resources:

  • A 4×4 vehicle would help them reach rural areas
  • Projectors and laptops to provide better lessons in even more schools
  • A quality camera to record stories and share the great work they’re doing

This is exactly the kind of project Stop Superbugs aims to support; practical, local and driven by passionate volunteers. Even a small donation will make a huge difference to this project, helping Erick and his team reach communities that would otherwise be forgotten…

“At the moment we are running these clubs in three secondary schools in the Dodoma region of Tanzania, but we want to expand across a wider area of Tanzania, and, with your support, roll out across the entire country.

The main barrier we face is transport. Public transport is often unreliable in Tanzania and doesn’t reach remote rural areas, where a large proportion of the population lives. During the rainy season roads often become difficult to drive on. Not only that, but we are currently operating with very few resources – not nearly enough to go around, especially as we grow.”

– Erick Venant, founder of RBA initiative

“Our school clubs help  to empower young people to become agents of change and encourage them to bring back that knowledge to encourage their family and community.

At the school clubs we use arts and crafts, storytelling, songs, skits, drama, and dances to engage and educate the children about topics like hand hygiene and sanitation, and the impact of fake drugs, while promoting a responsible approach to antibiotic use.”

– Erick Venant, founder of RBA initiative